Our History

from MicroWiki's Oskonia page

The Kingdom of Oskonia was founded on 16 March 2021, as the Federal Republic of Starasia. It was established after Tucker Gladden had a meeting with a man named Clay Moss, who ran a micronation called the British Antarctic Territory. The real inspiration to start his micronation was a video by Not Exactly Normal which covered MicroCon 2019. After watching the video, he created a flag, a coat of arms, and formally established Starasia at 11:32 AM. The first thing that Gladden, now President Gladden, did was email Kevin Baugh asking for diplomatic ties with the Republic of Molossia. He responded by saying that Molossia does not have formal relations with any micronation, and that Molossia already is a "friend" of the nation, because Molossia only has informal relations with other micronations. After that, he abolished the republic and established a constitutional monarchy and gave himself the name Tucker I. He recruited his friend Evan to be the prime minister, he established a six part military, and he established relations with a micronation called Megigaiau. Things were looking like it was going to be good. But it wasn't good for Starasia. It ended up collapsing on 11 April 2021.

Tucker I took a seven day period to try and figure out what was next for him and his micronational career. He considered many options during this period, such as just not establishing a micronation and being one who joins other micronations and helps other governments. But then, he decided he still wanted to be a head of state. So, he considered what to make his micronation. He considered making a republic, a tsardom, a kingdom, and an empire. He ended up deciding to create an absolute monarchy. He then began considering names for his micronation. The previous micronation's name, Starasia, had no meaning, so he wanted the new name to have meaning. He decided to name his new micronation Oskonia, after his great-grandfather, Oscar. The beginning of Oskonia was looking more promising than Starasia's beginning. The first royal decree was signed on 9 May 2021, which was signed to create six provinces. The first announcement in the Oskonian Discord server, however, was showing the King's political compass results.

More royal decrees were being signed every day, with decrees #2 and #3 being signed, on 13 and 14 May respectively. Royal Decree #2 formally established short, medium, and long styles of the King's official Oskonian title. Royal Decree #3 covered recognition of macronations and micronations, with all UN members being recognizes, except for the People's Republic of China and North Korea. The decree explicitly stated that the Oskonian government strongly believed that the Republic of Korea was the rightful owner of North Korea, and the Republic of China was the rightful owner of China. Micronations recognized in the treaty include Novus Hierosolymis, Molossia, Westarctica, Cycoldia, Atiera, Ikonia, Vishwamitra, Burdette, and Austenasia.

The Parliament was formally established on 27 April 2021, with the ratification of the Oskonian constitution. It never actually had members until 9 May 2021, when Jayden Dagsa was appointed as the first Prime Minister of Oskonia. The Parliament did not have more members until 29 May 2021, when the King sent out an announcement on the Oskonian Discord server, saying that the government needed people to volunteer to be in Parliament. The Parliament received five new members that day, with that group being the first ever Parliament. One MP, Christopher Miller, was slightly disgusted by the amount of British symbolism used in Oskonia. He was the leader of the Norwegianist invasion of Oskonia.

The Norwegianist invasion began when Miller registered a party named the Norwegianist Party (Norvegianistpartiet) when the Monarchist Party of Oskonia was abolished and he had to join a different party. He had the option of joining the Christian Democratic Party, the Oskonian Democratic Party, or creating his own party. He opted for the third option. The Norwegianist Party was accepted by the King, and this officially began the Norwegianist invasion. Miller sent a message in the Parliament channel of the Oskonian Discord saying that he was not satisfied with the amount of British symbolism used in the Kingdom. He suggested that the Kingdom should use Norwegian symbolism instead. Tucker I was always interested in Norwegian culture, so he agreed to change the symbolism on Oskonia, agreeing with the statement that British symbolism is way too used, and that Oskonia should have something more unique. The first replacement was the Crown of Tucker I, which previously was St. Edward's crown, which Miller stated was "god-awful and dreadful". Miller then stated that he had already made a draft in Inkscape, and he sent the draft to Tucker I. The King actually loved the crown that Miller made, and put the crown to a vote. The Parliament voted to change the crown, which was to the pleasure of Miller and Tucker I. Multiple replacements were made after the crown, such as both the national and royal coat of arms, and the royal monogram of Tucker I.